Our Story

Many people believe that life doesn’t give you what you deserve but if you live your dream, believe in yourself and have passion for these dreams, they do come true. We, Chris and Sandi, did just this when we left the corporate world in 2008 to follow our dreams and purchased a lodge on the northern lakeshore of Malawi. From the outset we had a lot to learn having never worked in the hospitality industry. We imagined that this extremely run down lodge would be a comfortable semi retirement project and how wrong we were. We had to do a lot of renovation work and made improvements to the gardens etc and finally our little piece of paradise was completed. Five years after this project our lodge became busy and we have remained busy ever since.

During 2016, African Parks took over the management of the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. Our interest to get in on the action was born. We purchased land adjacent to the park on the Bua River, and started building in November 2017.

We have fielded many looks of disbelief and questions concerning our sanity and also many comments mostly about our age “Don’t you think you are getting a little old to be starting a new adventure from scratch?”

You are never too old to follow your dreams, you are never too old to do a hard day’s work, you are never too old to be inspired and you are never too old to enjoy life. We are living our dreams and will always be excited by new prospects.

Chris and Sandi would be honoured to host you at Rafiki Safari Camp.

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